A pilgrimage to Pathibhara

Taplejung is one of the most beautiful areas in eastern Nepal with spectacular landscape, Himalayan peak of heights above 7000 m and a wide range of flora and fauna. Mt. Kanchanjunga (8586 m), the world’s third largest peak lies in this region. Alpine grassland, rocky outcrops, dense temperate, subtropical forests, and no river valleys make up the region. Geographically speaking, Taplejung occupies an area ranging from 670 meters to 8586 meters (Mt. Kanchanjunga ) above sea level. One of the major attraction that lies in this area is the Pathibhara Devi temple. This secret region attracts tourists seeking spiritual fulfilment and blessings from the powerful Pathibhara Devi. Hindus as well as the Buddhists reach the temple for celebrations during special occasions. The trek to Pathibhara Devi (3794 m) combined with the natural and cultural experiences of the region make the visit a unique exhilarating experience.

The Legend

Located above 19.4 km east of Phungling, the Devi at Pathibhara is said to have miraculous powers and is said to have answered her devotees’ prayers. Story regarding the foundation of the temple has been passed to one generation to another generation. The story says that when shepherds once led their sheeps to the place where the temple lies today, hundreds of sheep disappeared as they were grazing. The distressed shepherds then had a dream in which the Goddess told where she resided and instructed them to carry out ritualistic sacrifices of sheep. When the sacrifice was offered and the temple and the statue was build, the lost sheep were said to have returned. The sheepherders then believed that to Goddess accepted animal sacrifices, which later made her known as Raktakali Pathibhara Devi too.

Goddess of Trust and Faith

Pathibhara Devi is considered as one of the Shakti Peeths. Worshippers from different part of Nepal and India flock the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfilment of all that the pilgrim desires. The devotee of the Pathibhara also includes the Royal family of the Nepal. The pilgrims sacrifice animals and bring gold and silver as offerings to the Pathibhara Devi.